Consulting & Training Services



- Get Started on the Right Foot with Product Training

LHP products are designed to be user friendly and LHP’s customer support is unmatched. Nonetheless, we appreciate that our customers may want additional training or consulting when using our products.  The LHP support team is ready to serve. Product training and application consulting services are available to get our customers up and running with their applications as quickly and cost effectively as possible.  Our systems engineers will even assess your current engineering needs and develop an engineering workflow to meet it. LHP will establish and/or refine MBD processes, deploy an effective toolset, and scale that competency quickly across the organization.

  • Product training

  • Jumpstart application training

  • Application consulting

  • Model design

  • Workflow design

  • Development process training

  • Turn-key systems development

  • Safety-critical development processes

  • Model-to-Machine development process

LHP offers product-level training along with demonstration of best practices through practical exercises.  Participants learn how to use the LHP tools and how to implement an integrated workflow through guided training and group exercises.  LHP provides prepared as well as custom training in LHP product skills, model-based design, embedded system integration and verification, simulation and modeling with LHP tools, HIL systems, and automotive test engineering.


LHP provides a modular training program for verification and validation engineering in automotive systems.  Participants use LHP Hardware-in-Loop test systems to perform requirements-based testing on an automotive engine control unit.  LHP experts provide templates, processes, and best practices for completing full subsystem verification.


LHP products are compatible with even the most robust system models. Our RPU control models and DTE plant models allow your application to be exercised as in real life.  Often, our plant models are so robust that our test engineers can find problems on our DTE that are too difficult to replicate on the real engine.  LHP application engineers are available to help you create your plant and control models to meet the performance criteria of your system.