On-Target Testing in a Desktop Environment

Example ECU controller code developed with MotoHawk® Software

Example ECU controller code developed with MotoHawk® Software

LHP/DTE provides embedded systems engineers an environment to verify controls algorithms and other real-time software in a real hardware environment. Developers can run plant model software on the LHP/DTE to verify the real-time performance of the controls application on actual hardware. With this low cost desktop compatible package, individual engineers can have the convenience of performing model, controls algorithm, and software testing in the comfort of the office.

The DTE enables the embedded developer to do on-target testing with a simulated plant – in a convenient desktop environment. This results in reduced cycle time, comprehensive test coverage, and more effective verification and validation.


The DTE allows easy integration of your existing plant models so you can begin on-target testing right away. Alternatively, our product development team can custom build a model for your specific application needs.  LHP can provide customers with a quick-start reference model for automotive engine applications.


  • Portable, low cost, closed-loop and open-loop controller test environment.
  • Controller hardware with supporting C-series modules and signal wiring.
  • Power supply supports 100-240VAC 50-60Hz.
  • DTE-ECU interface harness included.
  • Currently supported ECUs:
    • Woodward-MotoHawk® Control Solutions
      – ECM-0563-048-0701
      – ECM-0563-048-0704
      – ECM-0563-048-0705
    • (New ECU targets are always in development. Please contact LHP regarding your ECU support needs.)
  • Automotive I/O signal conditioning.
  • Analog, digital, PWM, timing, VR and hall effect speed signals.
  • Arbitrary signal generation for Engine Position Signal patterns.
  • Engine synchronous data acquisition.
  • Real-time plant model at 1kHz loop rate.
  • CAN message handling for “rest of bus” simulation.
  • Documentation and user guide provided.


  • Cabling, interfaces, and connectors to configure the DTE to your application.
  • Evaluation kit includes DTE and ECU pre-loaded with evaluation application (see below).
  • Device connections: 120VAC/240VAC power, VGA (1600x1200), Two CAN 2.0B (DB9), Serial RS-232 (DB9), 10/100/1000 Ethernet, USB 2.0.