Introducing the MathWorks Simulink® experience on National Instruments hardware

Release the Beast

LHP Panthera® RCP Suite 2.0 

LHP Panthera® RCP Suite is a complete suite of products to support rapid controls prototyping using MathWorks Simulink® on National Instruments LinuxRT-based CompactRIO® controllers. This powerful tool suite includes the Panthera Blockset, Panthera RTE (Run-Time Engine), LHP Calibra measurement and calibration tool, and Panthera FPGA.

Panthera Blockset

The Panthera Blockset provides access to the National Instruments hardware from MathWorks Simulink® models and provides XCP interfaces to the Simulink model. The blockset includes fundamental blocks for FPGA register read/write functions and interrupts (event triggers). The blockset also includes higher layer functions to assist with application development including CAN communications blocks, time based scheduling, and common automotive functions.

Panthera RTE

The Panthera RTE (Run-Time Engine) manages all interfaces with the RTOS, FPGA, and XCP(TCP/IP) communications. The XCP interface supports any XCP compatible measurement and calibration tool over TCP/IP communications. The RTE also provides an authentication mechanism to prevent unauthorized access to the real-time system hardware.

LHP Calibra Calibration & Measurement Tool

The LHP Calibra measurement and calibration tool provides an XCP based interface to the control system during run-time. With LHP Calibra you can observe the current value on any wire and calibrate any calibratible parameter in the Simulink model while the system is running.


Panthera FPGA provides a framework for LabVIEW® FPGA development. Panthera FPGA also includes the package creator that generates the interfaces to all FPGA registers, interrupts, and real-time clock timer and makes them available in Simulink.